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Worry Dolls

Year 6 learned all about worry dolls and how they can take away our fears and anxiety. They all made their own. We hop e you like them.


What a fantastic time everyone had at CHET! Children from Year 6 had an amazing  action-packed day. They were lucky enough to be able to to access all the new activities.  

Fun with reception children

Fun with reception children Year 6 had a great time today playing with our reception children. They are really excited about becoming their...

Holy Family Visit

Holy Family Visit Year 6 had an amazing day at Holy Family High School, they tried out lots of new fun activities, and they loved them all, especially the cake making! A big thank you to all the teachers who helped to make the day a fun...

Little Princess Trust

Little Princess Trust Well done to one of our pupils who had 30cm of hair cut off to donate to Little Princess Trust. She’s also raised over £400 in sponsorship. It’s fantastic to see our young people choosing to make a difference in the...

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