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At St Benedict’s we inspire our children to love Geography!  We aim to give children a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that they will take with them once they leave St. Benedicts. We aim to spark and interest and encourage awe and wander about the World that they live in.The geography curriculum will be varied, progressive and creative to ensure first and foremost that children at St.Benedict’s foster a life long love and interest for Geography. 

Through a curriculum centered around skills and knowledge, we ensure that children have a solid foundation and understanding of skills such as using a compass, locating places on a globe and map, using aerial photographs to gain a ‘birds eye view’ of a place. 

We use our location near the vibrant Liverpool centre to provide children with opportunities to explore and learn about the city in which they live and to compare it with other places around the world. We also explore the areas more closely to the school to give the children a wide variety of experiences. For example, Children in Nursey and Reception often have the opportunity to visit Formby Pinewoods. In Year 1, children investigate around the school and into the local area.  They have the opportunity to walk around these areas, asking questions about them and start to use maps and compasses to navigate their way around.  In year 2, Children focus on the vibrant city of Liverpool in which they visit the Pier Head and Albert Dock.  This ensures a good, solid basis of the wonderful, interesting and historic places the children live.  Children are then given the opportunity to compare and contrast these local areas to other European and Non- European countries giving them a depth of knowledge of a wide variety of towns, cities and countries.

Children in St. Benedict’s are given the opportunity to use local areas and compare and contrast it with a different town or city to see how people live in other parts of the world.  We aim to bring alive places for the children by giving them exciting class trips.  We use our field work to bring Geography alive for the children and to provide them a sense of wonder and excitement about visiting places aourbd the world that they can take with them into their adult lives.



A recent audit of the Geaography curriculum has allowed us to create a comprehensive, progressive skills and knowledge set for the children at St. Benedict’s.  We are clear about the skills we want children to learn and we ensure these skills are consolidated and built upon each year to ensure children gainthe long term knowledge and excitement of Geogrpahy that they can take with them as they leave St.Benedict’s.

For example, in Year 1, children are taught the 4 points of the compass.  They are encouraged to use the compass in context during the walk around the local area where they make their own maps using this knowledge.  In Years 2 and 3, children re-cap the 4 points of the complass ensuring that their knowledge is embedded, but they are alos given the opportunity to expland their understanding by using the compass to map read and to create their own maps.  In Year 4, children develop an understanding of the 8 points of the compass and again in Years 5 abd 6, as well as this knowledge being consolidated, the children use the 8 points during map work and orienteering, again providing them with a skill set for life.


We also give children the opportunity to gain valuable skills in regards to map reading, including; maps, globes, atlases, aerial photographs, computer mapping, Google Earth, index skills and ordinance survey.

We want children to develop an interest and excellent knowledge of places and how they compare and contrast with each other.  We foster good, solid goegraphical knowledge and vocabulary for the children as well as exciting field work opportunities for them to use and develop their skills



We use the clearly planned skills and knowledge grid to inform and adapt our planning to ensuire all skills are met in each Year group and children have developed long term knowledge of the key concepts in Geography.  Staff have a clear understading of each subject and topics taught in each year group so are able to consolidate and clearly build on previous knowledge and understanding.  Monitoring in Geography includes; book scrutinies in which books are monitored on a termly basis allowing constructive feedback and guidance between the subject co-ordinator and class treachers as well as regular feedback to the Headteacher.  Lesson observations also take place regularly, learning walk and feedback from staff during currilcum staff meetings.  All of this is used to inform further curriculum developments and provision.  At St. Benedict’s, staff work closely together as a team to ensure children receive the best Geography curriculum to allow them to develop a love of learning and skill set to become keen Geographers


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