Library Visits

We have linked up with Netherton Library (to enhance our children’s love of reading). On a weekly rota, each class will be visiting the library to see the facilities on offer and read purely for pleasure. Whilst there, the librarian will explain to the children how they can borrow books and return with their parents to apply for a library card. When the children receive their library cards, we will encourage them to bring them  in to school to share their experiences with other pupils in their class creating a ripple effect. We are hoping this new initiative will boost the number of children in our school using our local library facilities and further the children’s love of reading. Year 6 were the first class to visit, all future visits will be on individual class pages.

Headteacher: Mr M Philips
Address: St Benedict's Catholic Primary School, Copy Lane, Netherton, Bootle, England, L30 7PG

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