School Dinners

School Meal Prices

Please note as of 1st September 2020 the cost of school meals will rise to £11.25 per week (£2.25 per day) for children in Years 3 – 6.  Dinner money should be paid weekly in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and class on.

Free School Meals

Please note, we cannot offer free meals to children until we have received written confirmation of free meal entitlement from Sefton Student Support, also free meals cannot be backdated. Telephone Student Support on 0151 934 3456 to check entitlement and arrange free meals.


Dinner money should be paid in advance on a Friday for the following week, as per the school prospectus. Due to the increasing amount of arrears and after receiving advice from Sefton Finance, we will be enforcing this rule.

If dinner money has not been paid for two weeks, you will be asked to provide a packed lunch for your child until the debt has been paid.

School Meal Patterns

Children should keep to their chosen school meal pattern for the duration of the half term unless there is a medical or financial reason for change.

Our free communication app allows us to provide parents with instant access to our important messages and up to date school information.

Please contact the school office if you have not received your personal invite.

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