Our school will be taking part in an exciting research programme to understand the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and other pollutants in our atmosphere. NO2 is produced by most vehicle exhaust pipes and is measured with monitoring tubes in different locations. The tubes will be monitored by the schools Eco Council and one of our children from Year 6 will be changing it monthly and returning it so the team can track changes over a long period. Every school on the AirWatch programme has linked up with a member of Sefton’s Environmental Protection team and the Southport Eco Centre and will be hosting diffusion tubes to monitor levels of NO2. They will receive monthly reports as well as educational content and activities to do in class across a wide range of topics. Our school will also have access to termly campaign toolkits to help pupils influence positive behaviour on the school run to reduce any air quality issues around their school grounds and any measures the school take to reduce the levels of pollution will be able to be monitored in real time by the students.

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