In St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School we believe that accurate spelling is an important skill. Spelling needs to become an automatic process, allowing children to record their ideas fluently. This gives children a means to communicate their thoughts and ideas efficiently. Spelling can be aided by the development of cursive handwriting which helps children to learn and remember spelling patterns.

At St Benedict’s we strive:

  • To have a consistent approach to the teaching of spelling, leading to pupils’ confidence in their spelling ability
  • To enable pupils to develop fluency so that they are able to write with confidence in their independent writing.
  • To embed high standards in spelling across all subjects.

There are clear expectations for each year group – see progression of skills in spelling.



In St Benedict’s, we have clear, systematic spelling programmes which are followed in all classes.

Spelling is taught through short, focused sessions and may be linked with other areas of the curriculum, e.g. handwriting, grammar and phonics.

Accurate spelling is encouraged through all subjects.

In EYFS: Children are taught to segment and blend sounds through the teaching of Read Write Inc.

In KS1: Children are taught spelling patterns through Read Write Inc, Letters and Sounds and Spelling Toolkit.

In KS2: Children are taught spelling patterns through Spelling Toolkit.

Intervention: Children who need support are given intervention including phonics and spelling strategies.

In addition to this, the statutory spellings in each year group are taught and assessed regularly.

All children from Reception to Year 6 have access to an online spelling programme called ‘Spelling Shed’ which they can use both in school and at home to practise spelling patterns and statutory spellings.

Spelling lists and test results are shared regularly with parents to encourage parental involvement in children’s learning and to celebrate achievements.



As a result of our consistent approach, spelling should become an automatic process that does not interfere with children’s creative thinking.

Monitoring of children’s spelling is continually undertaken by the class teacher and interventions are put in place where necessary.

Spelling lists are regularly shared with parents. In Years 1-6, the children are tested on the statutory word lists each half term. These results are shared with parents thus maximising parental support to enable the children to succeed.

Spelling scores are monitored by the English Team and Senior leaders during pupil progress meetings and writing moderation.

This ensures high standards and consistency across year groups and subjects.


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